ICOMOS Advisory Committee, Annual General Assembly and Scientific Symposium,

Morocco, Marrakesh, 12-18 October 2019

Welcome from ICOMOS Morocco

ICOMOS Morocco is honored to host the 2019 ICOMOS Annual General Assembly, Advisory Committee Meeting & Scientific Symposium; it is a great pleasure to welcome the ICOMOS community to the meetings in Marrakesh, 12-18 October 2019.

Since its foundation in 1997, ICOMOS Morocco committed to the protection and dissemination of cultural heritage, has grown into an active community of over 100 members. It tries to consolidate international connections and to channel information to its members.

We believe that hosting the 2019 Annual General Assembly, Advisory Committee Meeting & Scientific Symposium will help to strengthen the international cooperation of our Committee.

The choice for the theme “Rural Heritage-Landscapes and beyond” for the Scientific Symposium to be held in Marrakesh is very appropriate for a meeting in a city where the rural and he urban meet and have complemented each other in a harmonious way for centuries, offering a rich heritage including ancient hydraulic systems, ancestral agricultural methods, rural architecture, agricultural products, handicrafts etc.

On behalf of the National Committee of ICOMOS, I wish you the best stay in our country.

Dr. Abdelati LAHLOU

President of ICOMOS Morocco

Main Venue:

Administrative and Cultural Complex “Mohammed VI”, Marrakesh, Location : https://goo.gl/maps/Da6dxSxRorp

To visit Marrakesh : https://visitmarrakech.com/