• By Bus

Marrakesh’s transport network comprises 45 lines, offering an efficient service to the citizens of Marrakesh and its region.
The network information service

  • By Taxis 

 (small taxis, as opposed to larger taxis that drive inter-city routes). Small, beige petit taxis They are handy for trips between the Medina and the Ville Nouvelle. Trips should not cost more than 2 euros (20Dh) during the day, and 3 euros (30Dh) at night.

  •  By Grand Taxi

Grands taxis are relatively safe to take and they are good value for money.

  •  By car / Car hire

If you decide to rent a car, there are plenty of agencies at your disposal. Cars drive on the right and most vehicles have manual transmissions. Road signs are in French and Arabic. There are national highways that run north-south to serve all of Morocco.

A compact car costs from 25 euros per day, a four-wheel-drive vehicle from 80 euros.